Waste Oil Tank 500L

Waste Oil Tank 500L
Waste Oil Tank 500L
Waste Oil Tank 500L
Waste Oil Tank 500L
Waste Oil Tank 500L
Waste Oil Tank 500L
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Capacity Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Tank Location
500L 805 1245 Inside
  • Fabricated in High Gloss Polyethylene so it is easy to wipe down and keep clean.
  • The Tank is double skinned as required by the Environmental Protection Authority Regulations HSNOCOP 63.
  • Most tanks require storage under cover as their bunds are exposed. The 1000L Rain Proof can be stored outside with no problems.
  • Under the Tank lid is a large filter tray to allow filters to be drained.
  • Each Tank has 2 x 50 mm BSP ports to allow the installation of Level Indicators and Pipe Stands.
  • Each Tank is individually numbered and has Regulation signage permanently moulded into the polyethylene.
  • Each Tank is lockable. Moulded Tie Down Points are included to allow the tank to be transported.
  • Each Tank comes with a User Manual and Certification Documents which are inserted into your HSE Manual.
  • Kiwi Tanks COTENE™ XC1501 is a linear medium density polyethylene specifically designed for use in rotationally moulded Waste Oil tanks. This grade has good impact, mechanical and stress crack resistance properties. COTENE™ XC1501 has been tested and passed the mechanical and chemical resistance requirements of international regulations ECE R34.01 Annex 5 Section 5.0 "Resistance to Fire" and European Directive 2000/8/EC, with a fuel permeation rate of 5g/day. A statement of compliance is available on request. COTENE™ XC1501 contains a fully formulated UV Stabilization package (with a minimum UV8 rating).
  • We believe in our products and have a no nonsense warranty when installed correctly.
  • Level Indicators and Pipe Stands with Cam Lock fittings can be supplied and installed on request.
  • 100% recyclable
  • Delivery of tanks can be arranged throughout New Zealand

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